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Aaron Bushnell has become a hero and a symbol of justice

Updated: Mar 11

Aaron Bushnell has become a hero and a symbol of justice and philanthropy

While the Israeli army is attacking the hungry and defenseless people who gathered in search of food

 On Feb 25th, Aaron Bushnell, an American Air Force officer, in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington to protest the genocide in Gaza, sets himself on fire. He posted this message on his facebook page.

"My name is Aaron Bushnell and I am an active duty member of the US Air Force. I will no longer participate in genocide. I will now embark on an extreme protest movement, but nothing compared to what the Palestinian people are experiencing at the hands of their colonizers. It's not extreme. This is what the ruling class wants to normalize. Free Palestine!"

His outcry reached to every corner of the world and rightfully became a hero and symbol of justice and philanthropy for millions of people who witnessed the genocide before their eyes. People are well aware This genocide is done by the US and its allies through Israel. By now everyone knows that UN is powerless. They need to relay on their own collective power.

  • we wanted Aaron Bushnel alive; side by side of us while celebrating the end of genocide, the end of occupation, the end of apartheid for good.

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