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Afghan women and children need support now!Your support is urgently needed

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Afghan women and children need support now!

Your support is urgently needed

August 25, 2021

Throughout the last two weeks, people of Afghanistan have stormed the streets of Kabul and major cities and have denounced the Taliban. Not surprisingly, everyday there is a new development in the political scene in Afghanistan. Women and children are left at the merci of the Taliban. Sharia law under the Taliban, will subject women and children to sexual violence. Taliban has already asked Imams to provide them with the names of girls over 15 and widows under 45 years to be married or “sigheh” (short term marriage from one hour to a few years) for their fighters. Women and children are more vulnerable, and they need to be protected and evacuated immediately. In order to help direct this development on the right path, support is urgently needed.

Afghan society has turned into a major battle between secularists being in one camp and the Taliban or in general, the Islamic movement in the other camp. Most people have decided to express their anger against the super-reactionary laws of Sharia. Women activists have immediately organized themselves and ran a rally. They have chanted not only against Taliban but against the establishment of Sharia law and the requested urgent support to defeat the Taliban as a pre-condition to eliminate Islamic law and to build a just society.

The Taliban has used its forces and trained gangs to terrorize the demonstrators. The life and safety of these brave women are in danger. Vital support is needed now to protect and evacuate them to a safe country.

Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of the campaign to open borders for Afghan women and children

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