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Call for Second International Demonstration Against Sharia Court in Canada

Call for an International Demonstration Against Sharia Court in Canada

September 8th

Come out and fight Sharia Court in Canada.

To protect women’s rights,

To protect secularism

To protect human dignity

We call upon all freedom loving, organizations and individuals to join us in opposing the Ontario Arbitration Act 1991. This act allows religion to interfere with the Canadian justice system. This act allows family disputes to be resolved outside of court by arbitrators according to their own religious and cultural beliefs. This act allows Islamic groups to legalize the suppression of women by implementing the proposed Sharia Court.

Join the protest and make your voice heard.

When: Wednesday September 8th at 12 noon

Where: Queen’s Part, Ontario legislation

In all other cities of Canada in front of Family courts,

Outside of Canada demonstrations are held in front of Canadian Embassies

Sponsored by The International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada

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