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Conference on Genocide in Gaza Where does the Women’s Rights Movement stand

Genocide in Gaza

Where does the Women’s Rights Movement stand? Discussion with women’s rights activists Saturday March 23 at 4 London time


Chafia Outerbach Halaleh Taheri

The genocide in Gaza has given rise to a mass international movement in support of and solidarity with the people of Palestine and in condemnation of Israel and its Western allies; this is a historic moment for any socio-political movement, fighting for freedom,

equality and justice to take a solid and clear stand vis-à-vis this historical tragedy.

We have invited women’s rights activists to discuss the related issues. We invite you to participate in the conference and enrich the debates with your comments and questions.Speakers:Dalala AbdelGani, writer: Evelyne Accad, Lebanon; Homa Arjomand, the International Campaign for One Secular School System; Soad Baba Aissa, Feminist Laique; Aouicha Bekhti, Algeria; Buthina canaan khoury, film maker Palestine-West Bank; Maria Hagberg, international women’s rights activist and author; Keto Kurtskhalis, Caucasian Feminist Institute;; Azar majedi, President of Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran; Chafia Outerbach, Feminist Laique; Halaleh Taheri, Executive Director of Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation.

The conference will take place Saturday 23 March 5 PM Central European time on zoom and will be live streamed on Face Book.: Meeting ID: 851 2787 3524

Passcode: 328574

Homa Arjomand, The International Campaign for One secular School System Azar Majedi, Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran

live streamed on Face Book.:

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