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Confronting the Political Islam Encroachment

Confronting the Political Islam Encroachment

Samir Nori

The moves and activities of political Islam in Europe and North America have been affecting the world. They are not satisfied with transferring the so-called Islamic countries into hell, hot spots for conflicts, war zones, and oppressing women and children, violating freedom of speech and political freedoms, and disturbing the people’s lives. The issue of veil “hijab” in schools and public places in France and Germany, forming a committee in Europe to support the resistance in Iraq, and the attempt to press Islamic rules on the Canadian Tribunals, etc. of Islamic political activities do not endanger the immigrants only but also jeopardize the human and civilized achievements of the humanity in the centers of modernism.

The Islamic schools, hacking head scarves on girls and female children, the Islamic stores and restaurants, Islamic clothing stores and the request to establish Islamic tribunals in Canada, and all the institutions that benefit from the multiculturalism have turned into tools that strip of children and women’s rights and undermine the secular and civil laws.

The Islamists are not content with their application of the barbaric laws such as cutting off hands, stoning, imposing veil on women, segregating female children from male and even depriving females from getting their education in so-called Islamic countries but they have also started to enlarge their activities and violate the boundaries. They desire to attack the achievements of the French Revolution and the European modernism with the pretext of multiculturalism that allow them choosing their clothes, culture, and practicing their religious rituals.

The encroachment of political Islam would not be possible without the compromises of the European countries, Canada and U.S.A in defending the Islamic regimes and categorizing Islam as reformatory and terrorist and giving the reformatory wing the opportunity to disperse and enforce their Islamic plague all over the world. The use of the Islamic terms “religion of forgiveness and progress” by George W. Bush is equivalent to giving the Islamists the green light to attack the basis of the civilized society and distort all the modern aspects of it.

The separation of religion from state, education, implementing a secular rule, and building a civilized society and also women’s liberation were not achieved over night but it was the outcome of revolutionary actions by many generations.

The skimpy defense of these achievements and inspirations by the bourgeois countries and parties that adopt the multiculturalism will extend the Islamists chance to prevail.

Defending secularism, civilized society and the human kind in general and children’s rights in particular is the responsibility of the revolutionary people and communists. The confrontation of the Islamic ideologies and practices must be done by us and all the defenders of women and children’s rights that could put an end to this reactionary attack.

The veil for children must be banned not in schools only but everywhere in the society. This is a pivotal point in the struggle against the political Islam. Children have no religion so time-worn and insulting traditions must not impose on them. Imposing head scarves in schools and education centers means restoring religion to schools and blowing out the basis of secularism. If they were successful in their attempts they would ban music lessons, sport, and sex education for girls who come from Islamic families. Head scarf is a political symbol and a symbol for their dominance over the society, it is not clothes.

Confronting the Islamists attempts could be done by establishing a massive front of the communists, women movement activists, defenders of children’s rights and lovers of secularism and civilized society. The bourgeoisie doesn’t defend secularism and doesn’t stop its support for political Islam whether materially or morally. We, the communists, are able to bury the political Islam and rid the humanity forever.

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