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Demonstration in support of revolutionary uprising in Iran

This revolutionary uprising has history of 43 years, confronting the Islamic regime of Iran in every avenue. Women’s right movement has been at the forefront of this uprising.

this revolution

is for women’s right, social freedom and equality for all residents of Iran. this movement is against gender apartheid. (And enforced hijabs)

it is sparked by dead of Mahsa Amini, with slogan of “Woman-Life-Freedom”. the name of “Mahsa Amini”, has become a symbol of the struggle for women’s liberation from religious rule not only in Iran but also in the region.

Women and Youth are at its forefront. Under the banner of “Women’s rights are universal” it has raised solidarity outside of borders of Iran. women cross all nations including Afghanistan, Pakistan and all European countries demonstrated in support of this movement. And demand to close down Iranian embassies.

Women, youth, workers, teachers, nurses, and all others involved in this revolutionary uprising demanding for rights to democratically choose their future, rights to have their own councils with their own representatives.

Freedom is the core of this uprising. Freedom of individual rights, freedom of expression and criticism. That is why they demand for total separation of religion from state.

Women and youth are leading the protests, with men being in their side.

  • their removal and burning of the veil, depside of facing arrest, rape, torture, execution or dead by straight shot guns by regime has been on going for over four months.

  • the widespread nature of the anti-Islamic regime protests directly towards Khamenei cross nation, and receives the wide support among all ages, all ethnicities in Iran

  • the feminist, secular slogans, which has touched everyone’s heart due to suffering and agony they all received for the past 43 years.

  • depside of executing, torturing, arresting and killing young women and men, since Sep 16/2022 (the dead of Mahsa Amini) over 650 protestors have been killed, 180,000 protestors have been arrested, many of them children. Some were tried with false accusations and hanged in public as the Islamic regime of Iran has been trying hard to suppress the women’s revolution that has inspired the world with its slogan ‘Woman, Life, Freedom.’ But there is no signs of women, youth cross country in big cities to small towns and villages to slow down or backing down.

  • So far, It has lasted over 4 months and gained lots of international support from all progressive women’s movement and labour movement.

  • Due to pressure the Western governments received from supporters of this uprising, the discussion took place at their parliaments and some members of parliaments have “politically sponsored” the protestors facing execution.

  • Due to this an going uprising and international support of support people globally ,The 54-member UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted a resolution to remove Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for the remainder of its four-year term ending in 2026.

  • Due to wide support of people in Canada and Iranian living in Canada in support of this uprising and due to the pressure that Canadian government received from the survivors of flight PS752, (a Ukraine International Airlines jetliner, that was shot down shortly after its takeoff from Tehran by the Islamic regime of Iran. Bear in mind that The majority of its passengers were Canadian, 55 Canadian citizens and 30 Canadian permanent residents, were killed In January 2020). Canada became the lead country to ban some leaders of Islamic regimes not to enter Canada. Followed by the USA government.

  • Due to awareness of people globally, global demonstration in support of people of Iran is on-going, just 50,000 people in Toronto, over 150,000 in Germany demonstrated and followed by many more demonstrations under , one slogan (Woman -Life-Freedom), -there is a “motion for a resolution on the EU response to the protests and executions in Iran”.

As result I strongly believe that this revolutionary uprising will not only end this regime of terror but also will end the movement of Islamists (political Islam) globally.

We in the West must promote the secularism as policy of the cultural relativism gives room for ayatollahs let’s call it Islamic movement to grow in communities so called Islamic.

we are asked times and times that what would happen next? who would govern?

My response is women, youth, workers, teachers, nurses, and all others involved in this revolutionary uprising demanding for rights to democratically choose their future, rights to have their own councils with their own representatives. People in Iran want to get actively involved in their own future.

The next question is about how would the entire region be affected? What about the women in Afghanistan or other Muslim led countries or in fact in any country – how would a win in Iran change the status of women?

My response is .

Along with rise of political Islam, came its banner Hijab and the reactionary laws and regulations. Laws such as "stoning to death" for committing adultery, "Early child marriage" as young as 9 years old for girls, "Sigha" the temporary marriage, "polygamy" allowing men to have four legal wives and unlimited number of seigheh (temporary marriage from 1 hour or more), beating the disobedient women, depriving women from leaving home, attending work, or traveling without the legal consent of their husband or male members of the family. all these inhuman and anti-women laws came along with rise of political Islam

Wherever the movement of political Islam gained power or managed to get upper hand their first attack was to impose Hijab on women by hunting women in every way possible.

In Iran for example the special patrols, armed with weapons were in charge to arrest women who fail to properly use Hijab in all work places, schools and streets. Bearing in mind that the leaders of this movement do not hesitate to kill, arrest, and torture.

By now everyone knows that the political Islam movement is extremely far -right political movement and it is anti-women, anti-freedom and anti-Western values. Just as a reminder, tens of thousands of women have been attacked in Iran only by the forces of Hezbollah.

It was in Iran that this movement organized itself as a state and turned to political Islam into substantial force in the region. It will be in Iran that ends. End of this regime means end of political Islam in the region and global as there will be no more financial, political, army and moral support (exporting Mullahs and Imams) -pouring from Iran to all those Islamists leader in countries so called Islamic. To be honest there will be no more support to Islamists by the Western governments too.

The situation of women in Afghanistan and other so called Islamic countries will change totally simply because there would no Islamic Republic of Iran to assist Taliban, Isis, Al-Nusrah , Al-Shabaab, Ansar Al -Sharia, Ansar Bay Al-Maqdis and all other organized Islamic fanatic groups.

Also women's lives will inprove in so-called Islamic communities in the West too Simply because the pressure of the promoters of this move(political Islam) by Sheiks or Imams will be lifted. With no religious pressure from this provokers, Youths can engage themselves in the social metabolism and intergrade.

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