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Globalization of Political Islam and women’s rights

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The Shari’a Law in Canada; Honour Murders in Germany, England and Denmark; Religious schools in Sweden; Veil in France; ... brought up the globalization of women’s and girls rights to the fore. These incidents show once again the woman hostility of cultural relativism, the outcome of injustice and also how the political and religious forces’ attacks on secular values look like.



Azar Majedi, Funder of Women’s Liberation Maryam Namazi, Humanist of the year


Homa Arjomand, Women of the year, Coordinator of Children First Now and International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada


Jocelyne Clarke, Secretary-General UFAL France


Mahin Alipour, Coordinator of women’s Liberation

Afsaneh Vahdat, Editorial of children First Now weekly paper


Shahnaz S, Seideh Rahaa, Amineh Kakabav, Arhe Hamednaca


Date: January 21, 2006, Time:10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Stockholm Zetasalen / ABF-huset Stockholm, Sveavägen 41

For more information contact: -Parvin Kaboly Tel: +46(0)70 774 40 20

-Afsaneh Vahda Tel: +46(0)76 206 95 49

-Mahin Alipour Tel: +46(0)70 777 73 13


International Campaign for the Defence of Women's Rights in Iran Children First Now Hambastegi, International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) Women’s Liberation - Iran In co-operation with ABF Stockholm

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