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Gratitude letter to students of Columbia University!

Updated: May 14


We at the Campaign of Women’s Rights Movement Against Genocide -For Palestine, owe you brave students at Columbia University our gratitude for opposing the genocide in Gaza by your encampment. Your actions and demand for the immediate ceasefire, university divestment from Israel, transparency about the university's investments and amnesty from any disciplinary measures for the protesting students are applauded.


We praise you for being at the forefront of the global movement against the apartheid regime of Israel. You opened a new arena against the racist government of Israel and its allies, led by the USA. We admire your bravery and dedication for the value of justice.


We proudly must emphasize that your leadership inspired the students of 48 other universities not only in the US but also in Europe. Your call for justice and end to genocide has reached to every household not only in the West but also to every corner of the world; and that is despite of false and fake news that all mainstream media and network media have fed the public. Your great revolutionary move exposed all the rotten democracy of the US government and has sent shockwaves through the ruling class.  We want you to know we stand with you and will ask all freedom and justice loving people around the world to join this progressive movement that you are leading to end the genocide of the people of Gaza. 

Campaign of Women’s Rights Movement Against Genocide -For Palestine 

March 27/2024

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