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Homa Arjomand has been awarded as Toronto Humanist of the year

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

November 19, 2005

Re- the annual Toronto Humanist of the Year award

Dear Michael Schulman,

It is an honour to be selected as “the annual Toronto Humanist of the Year award”. This action from your organization not only provides me energy and strength to continue the fight for secularism but also will strengthen the forefront of the people’s ranks that are fighting to push back religious values through unequivocal defence of human values.

For this reason I admire your stroke and I am proud for being chosen as Toronto Humanist of the year award.

The International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada and I, as its coordinator, always received your compassionately support in every aspect. The members of your organization not only in Toronto and Ontario but also nationwide and internationally contributed so much towards this success and that can never be forgotten.

Today the struggle to keep religion out of state and education has become the main task of humanity. That is why we need to build strong force to defend secularism globally and the members of society have thrust to support secular movement.

The international campaign against Sharia Court in Canada is part of secular movement. The victory of this campaign was possible because of supports received globally. And that showed we can and must response to the expectation of society for further pushing aside intransigent, discriminatory, and degrading beliefs, customs and tradition. We must help to introduce laws and measures for development of a free and open culture.

Once more I am very thankful to receive the annual Toronto Humanist of the Year award and wish further success in this regard.

If it were possible would you please contribute amount of $100 award to NI PUTES NI SOUMISES (Neither Whore nor Submissive). For more information please check:

Yours truly,

Homa Arjomand

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