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Further action against Iranian regime is needed immediately!

The international mood has finally turned against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now it is time for the Western governments to do the same and support the people of Iran instead of the Islamic Regime of Iran. There has not been a day without violations against a number of protesting groups.

We proclaim that the Islamic Republic of Iran is directly responsible for not only terrorizing people in Iran but also globally, with its daily crimes against humanity including arresting, torturing, executing, beheading, shooting, planting bombs and mass murder of people in and outside of Iran, which includes Europe and North America.

The Islamic Republic of Iran can be compared with the apartheid regime of South Africa. As the regime in South Africa was then, the entire system of the Islamic Republic of Iran remains one of the most inhuman and unjust regimes in 21 centuries.

The people of Iran and all globally concerned citizens want to put these murderers and all those who have helped this regime, on trial in an international court.

Closing down the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the beginning of the end of this heinous state and its crimes against the people of Iran. It is also a big step to prevent this regime sustaining terrorism worldwide. We are all aware that the Iranian embassies are the logistic headquarters for organizing terrorist activities.

For the safety and security of people in Iran and global citizens, to prevent further crimes by Islamic Regime of Iran, and to assist people in Iran to put an end to this regime, the International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies proposes the following resolutions:

· All the Western countries break all their diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime and close down all its Embassies,

· We declare that any attempts to buy credibility for Islamic Republic of Iran needs to be exposed and denounced.

· We proclaim that the Islamic Republic of Iran be expelled from all International Agencies.

· We announce that every one of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, its associates, the regime’s security, intelligence and propaganda forces be arrested and put on trial in an international court.

· We declare that all high ranking members of the Islamic Regime of Iran who have been pocketing huge amounts of public money into their personal bank accounts in Canada and other Western countries, be arrested, have them stand trial and freeze their accounts.

Yours truly,

Homa Arjomand


The International Campaign to closedown Iranian Embassies

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Jan 22, 2023

This is what happens when the CIA deposes a leader that the elite don't like. See for comments on my book about the Shah of Iran with 4 chapters on Bashar al-Assad too, because his philosophy matched that of the Shah's regarding all religions-tolerance.

When I was a student at UCLA in the mid 80s, a student sitting next to me on the bus that took us from West Los Angeles to the UCLA campus, 2 miles away, observed me reading my Persian book at which time she said, "I can never return to Iran." Astounded, I said, "Why?!" She said, "because I'm a Jew. Jews lived safely in Iran when the Shah was there, and the homes of…

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