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Open letter to the people of Iran, Humanity counts on your suppor

September 10, 2021

Homa Arjomand

The coordinator for the Campaign to Open the Border for Afghan Women and Children Fleeing the Taliban

Open letter to the people of Iran

Humanity counts on your support!

As the Taliban regains power in Afghanistan, desperate people, fearing for their lives, are fleeing to the borders of Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, hoping that can find safety. But instead of safety, they are faced with more threats, more violence, in addition to hunger, illness, and zero hygiene at the borders. Border force staff are violently pushing desperate Afghan people back. These countries have closed their borders with armed forces. The situation on the border of Iran is much worse. Time is running out. Children cannot survive in this kind of situation. No-one can count on Islamic regime of Iran. But humanity counts on action of people of Iran. The Islamic regime of Iran is well-known for its cruelty. As result we are desperately appealing to the people in Iran. Humanity counts on your support. Your urgent support for Afghan refugees is needed now. They need lifesaving aid urgently!

What can you do?

It is the responsibility of the people in Iran to raise their voices against the violations of the rights of Afghan refugees.

You can demand to open the borders. This requires removing armed forces at these borders. You can establish hygienic shelters, food, clean water, sanitation, and other necessities. They need emergency medical attention. They need face masks and vaccination against Covid-19.

You can make this happen by running campaigns in support of Afghan refugees and immigrants; by organizing centres to defend their equal rights with all residents in Iran, to defend children’s right to well-equipped schools providing a creative educational and social environment.

During the past three decades, the Iranian government, with the approval of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), has enacted an unprecedented offensive against Afghan refugees.

Over two million Afghan refugees who have been living in Iran for the past 30 years are being treated as second or third-class citizens. The government of Iran has refused them permanent employment permits. Most of them are forced to live in Iran illegally. It is impossible for most youths to attend school. A fraction of Afghan children can attend elementary schools. In addition to poverty and homelessness, they have been subjected to the most severe chauvinistic and nationalist attacks daily by the “Revolutionary Guards”. Their miserable situation also prevents family members reuniting with families caught up in the recent human catastrophe in Afghanistan.

This inhuman treatment must stop. You can put an end to it by your solidarity. Our solidarity, our collective action, not only will save lives but also unites us against Islamic brutality.

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