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Open letter to the Western governments:

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Open letter to the Western governments:

people of Iran heard you loud and clear that:

-your governments condemning the action of Islamic Regime of Iran for its brutal violence , for unleashing its Basijis and private cloths' murderer who are shooting people attending peaceful demonstration and killing youth , women and children.

We heard from your parties in power that your governments are supporting people of Iran and will echo people's voice. We heard you strongly opposed and condemned the execution of Mohsen Shekari.

But people of Iran don't want empty promises. Action against Islamic regime of Iran needed now.

We want your governments to:

- closedown all regime's embassies.

-Stop negotiating with this fascist government. Be transparent and do not give green lights to this regime. no more attempts to buy credibility for Islamic Republic of Iran.

-Break all your diplomatic ties with this heinous regime.

- Expel the Islamic regime from all International Agencies.

- Freeze personal bank account of all the high-ranking members of the Islamic Regime of Iran who have been pocketing huge amounts of public money into their personal bank accounts in Canada, the USA and other Western countries,

people of Iran want every one of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, its associates, the regime’s security, intelligence, and propaganda forces be arrested and put on trial in an international court for its crime against humanity not only in Iran but also for the crimes this regime committed globally. these are the actions we, people of Iran expect you to do.

the people of whole world are watching you and expect all the western government to do what people of Iran expect you to do.

the people of whole world are well aware that the achievement of Women’s revelation in Iran will bring lots of progressive changes not only in Iran and the region but also globally. As Paris Commune did and managed to push back the power of churches. They know this revolution will take away the power from the Islamists.

Homa Arjomand

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