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Polygamy must not only be illegal, but it must also be recognized as a crime

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

To: Public, Medias and Governments

September 11/2021

Polygamy must not only be illegal, but it must also be recognized as a crime

Polygamy (one man having multiple wives) has expanded greatly in the last decade in countries where governments aggressively suppress freedom and secularism and where religious and regional cultures that legitimize polygamy were able to gain dominance. The expansion of polygamy in the west is due to the increased dominance of right-wing parties with a large fundamentalist religious support base, coupled with misdirected multiculturalism that encourages cultural ghettos. Although, polygamy in these countries is illegal, it is met with little opposition. In places such as England, the government has even given tax breaks to men with second wives. In Norway, France, Germany and the Netherlands there are reports indicating an increasing number of men with multiple wives. After nine women from Bountiful filed charges of sexual abuse of girls as young as 13 involved in polygamous relationships, shamefully, Canada funded a $150 000 study, that recommended that Canada legalize and decriminalize polygamy. For more information please read the full report at It is clear that the movement of equality for women is under serious attack. It is critical that immediate action be taken to protect the erosion of our social and cultural norms. Polygamy belongs to a prehistoric time. Legalizing it would only put us back in that same place. Polygamy generally occurs in marginalized communities and countries where women have not gained equality with men and are considered second class. Legalizing polygamy would cause further inequality between men and women. Legalizing polygamy means legalizing degrading, male-chauvinism, and the patriarchal treatment of women in marginalized communities. Polygamy must not only be illegal, it must also be recognized as a crime. All men involve in polygamous relationships must face serious consequences. There should be no exceptions made for immigrants coming from so called Islamic countries. If you believe women's Rights are Universal, If you believe The rights of the child take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political, ideological, and religious consideration or interest. Please join us to put an end to polygamy

Sincerely, Homa Arjomand

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