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Report of September 8th Demonstrations Against Sharia Court in Canada

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Report of September 8th Demonstrations Against Sharia Court in Canada

Protests were held in six cities of Canada , Toronto , Ottawa ,Montreal Surrey , Penticton , Vancouver , Victoria on September 8th. They were part of an international demonstration taking place on the same day in, Sweden , Germany , England , France and Amsterdam .

The protestors sent a clear message to the Canadian Government that they do not want Sharia law in Ontario . They gathered to voice their opposition and to demand the separation of religion and the state.

Support for the movement is spreading to the mainstream of Canadian society. Various speakers voiced their concern and support, including a concerned group of 250 retirees from Collingwood Ontario .

In response to protestors, B.C. Attorney –General Geoff Plant said that he will not allow Islamic Shariah Law to arbitrate disputes involving marriage, divorce, inheritance or other civil matters in British Columbia law. Unfortunately, the Ontario government has not made a similar response.

Over 10,000 people have signed the petition “To End Sharia Courts in Canada ” and over 100 new names are added each day. The petition can be found

Media reporting the demonstration included the Vancouver Sun, CBC radio and TV,

OMNI TV, CTV TV; the Elaph Arabic newspaper, the Globe and Mail, TVO, TV Azadi Zan , Aljazeera News andCalgary radio Present in Toronto also was a documentary producer and the full event was recorded by her crew.

The Ontario government plans to release their report on religion based Arbitration by September 30th.

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