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Response to elected body Amira Elghawaby to curb discrimination (Islamophobia)

Response to elected body Amira Elghawaby to curb discrimination (Islamophobia)

One thing is very clear that either Canadian federal government does not know the core reasons behind discrimination in Canada in which I doubt it or they are aware of the reasons but they do not want to resolve it.

My response is the notion of cultural relativism in Canada has created segregations among the residents instead of integrations. People coming from so called Islamic countries get the end of steak. This notion is incompatible with treatment of all residents equally. The other reasons are validating the Islamic movement instead of preventing it’s grown in Canada or trying to curb it.

Obviously if Canadian government stops Islamists’ activities from importing mulls, Imams in communities so called Islamic. if Canadian government stops endorsing religious affiliation/Islamists’s affilliation and treated all its residents equally. And if Canadian state was neutral with respect to religion, then Islamists would not have chance to penetrate Canadian system. Mullah or Imams would not be able to have separate rules and regulation based on 1400 years ago in communities. As result there would be no community pressure on any women in those communities, no pressure to limit women doing whatever they desire. As everyone know, the activities of Islamic movement are not just limited in those communities. That is just for gaining more support specially among youths. The more supports this movement gets from within communities as well as outside Canada; it can gain more validation and financial support from government of Canada, not directly but indirectly through Islamic affiliations. In case of any refusal from Canadian government then the terrorist part of this movement becomes active. It is true that some right-wing members of society blame all Muslim for the inhuman actions of Islamic movement.

My question is if Canada already has a law against anyone who discriminates another individual, then why another Act such as Islamophobia is needed?

Islam like any other religion is belonged to 7 centuries during tribes hence chopping hands and heads, digging the eyes out were normal. Having children marry as young 13 Y, killing homosexual, godless people, Jews and many more inhuman rules that is now rules of Islamic states in many so-called Islamic countries makes anyone to have fear of Islam. Shouldn’t I or people in general get afraid of these rules? But anyone with the tiniest knowledge of Islamic movement in the Middle East and North Africa knows that most Muslims do not follow those rules. They are not participating in any violence of organized religious gangs. They are not part of any Islamic associations that are growing everywhere like mushroom. They reject any misogynist rules. They do not want to be sub-human. They want to be treated with human dignity and welfare. Hence state needs to enforce criminal law that is already in place on anyone who discriminates. No need to create another law to curb discrimination.

The reality is Islamophobia act is not to prevent discrimination. It is to supress freedom speech. In simple language it is indeed reinforcing inequality and more segregation in Canada. This act cannot stop anyone not to be afraid of Islam, instead it brings a growing culture of fear, fear of being accused of resists, fear of being sued if criticizing Islam. And demand for standing firm against theocratic rules. Unfortunately, this act brings intolerance and violence.

Do not doubt persons’ intelligent, they need to stand firm against theocratic rules that discriminate against women and children and promotes violence. If they don’t then it will not take long for Islamists to use those bad pieces of legislations such as Multiculturalism and notion of cultural relativism and penetrate even in body of Government.

My point is freedom of expression is to have freedom to hold opinions to receive opinions and impart information without interference by public authority. But creating another public authority such as Amira Elghawaby, who has been appointed as Canada's first representative to combat Islamophobia by Justin Trudeau is about policing freedom of speech. It is to dismantle the rights and freedoms of others – including women and all sexual minorities and trans identified youths.

Now what? if I Homa Arjomand and all other women and children’s rights activists talk about the fact that children have no rights in so called Islamic communities and emphasize on the fact that these children are abused as religion has been imposed on them and they have no rights to dance, sing, swim or play with other genders. Young girls are forced to wear hijabs even children as young as 5 Y and trans might face honor killing or even if we talk about the verses of Koran that extremely against women’s rights; would we be charged as Islamophobia? If yes, then there is no difference between Canadian government and Islamic regime of Iran.

That is not to resolve discrimination against Muslims. States needs to safeguard itself from any religious’ movements for now public is worried about Islamists’ movement that have expanded outside of the region in the west too. States has no choice but to become neutral with respect to religion, only then individual rights will trump minority rights. Individuals within community will gain a voice as Canadian law is there to protect them. Only then prevents religious rule from hostaging all members of communities. That is why all provinces of Canada have no choice but to adopt a Bill like Quebec Bill 21. This bill is progressive, forward -looking and puts the individual rights at the center specifically women and children. Most importantly prevents the Islamic movement to have upper hand within Canada specifically in communities so called Islamic.

Homa Arjomand

Jan 29th/2023

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