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Speech of Evelyne Accad at the conference "Genocide in Gaza, Where does the women's rights movement stand?

Updated: Mar 27

My country, Lebanon has known only wars & violence ever since my birth. There is a strong connection between the genocide taking place in Gaza & what we are witnessing in the South of Lebanon & the Bekaa valley. The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 saw the displacement of millions of Palestinian refugees which many of them came to Lebanon. We have been invaded many times. I was an airline hostess when Israel burnt the MEA airplanes in 1968 on the tarmac of the Beirut airport. I remember the summer of 1982, my sister was in West Beirut when Israel invaded Lebanon & would not let food nor water enter Beirut. And what about 2006 when my brother in law suffered a stroke trying to return home when all the roads & bridges had been assaulted & destroyed?

I would to concentrate on Lebanon right now as not enough is being told or written about it in the media. To that effect, I have asked women from the South to talk, witness, give a voice to the voiceless: Jamila, Jana, Zohra…

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