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Steps to take for people fleeing Afghanistan

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

September 1st/2021

Steps to take for people fleeing Afghanistan

Good morning everyone

The following are some Steps to take:

1-get out of Afghanistan safe, how?

2-get to any Western Embassies in that country, while registering at the United Nation in that country.

3- remain in contact with us.

Below is information about some countries accepting people from Afghanistan.


-For family members

For family members of those who have already moved to Canada.

Afghan nationals who don’t have a durable solution in a third country.

Female leaders, human rights advocates, journalists and people who assisted Canadian journalists, persecuted religious minorities, LGBTI individuals and immediate family members of one of the above.

+1 613-321-4243

-for people assisted Arm forces & NGO’s

United States

Non-U.S. Citizens awaiting an Immigrant Visa may be processed after US citizens and those with Lawful Permanent Residency

1-888-407-4747 (domestic calls)

1-202-501-4444 (overseas calls)

Fill the form in for EVERY member of your family. If you have family in the US, ask them to request their Senator reach out to the State Department, and their Congressperson registers their support.

Afghans with SIV approved or pending status.


For emergencies, call +1-202-501-4444



those at risk due to status as on scholarships to other countries, Fulbrighters, data collectors for researchers/entities.

United Kingdom

Any current or former Locally Employed Staff assessed to be at serious risk of threat to life will be offered priority relocation to the UK regardless of their employment status, rank or role, or length of time served.

Bespoke Settlement Scheme for Afghan nationals most in need who have been forced to flee Afghanistan, including women, girls and children at risk given their particular vulnerability.


Vulnerable Afghans such as those who are humanitarians, activists, local leaders, NGO workers (Fine to apply even if they have no relationship with the UK).

Current or former Chevening Scholars; People with existing leave or an open application for student, work and family visas; Journalists; Civil society groups for women’s rights; Government Officials; Officials working in counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics.

Contact +44(0)247-389980 they are responding day and night 24 hours per day


Priority being given to Afghans who have worked with France and its operations in the country.

Human rights activists, journalists, artists and intellectuals may also apply.

Note: Not yet any guarantee of family reconciliation requests being processed.

Note: EU state they have completed evacuation of EU employed staff that they intend on removing.

(+33) 01 53 59 11 10


Currently prioritising requests from German citizens and their immediate relatives.

+49 30-1817-1000

+49 30-5000-1000

Form (German)

Form (English)

They are looking at options to process those who worked with the German government or military are prioritised, local staff of German organisations and NGOs also. Follow the instructions; and they will consider your application. Keep in mind that definitions are interpreted strictly at this time.

On Family Reunification: “visa procedures for family reunification from Afghanistan procedure is currently still being agreed.” This is a change from the ‘no plans to reunite’ earlier last week.

Note: EU state they have completed evacuation of EU employed staff that they intend on removing.

+49 30-1817-1000

+49 30-5000-1000

Form (German)

Form (English)


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Spanish military and embassy operations in Afghanistan, including interpreters and their families.

Note: EU state they have completed evacuation of EU employed staff that they intend on removing.

+93-202-310-406 (Cannot at this time confirm as still in operation)


+93-202-310-406 (Cannot at this time confirm as still in operation)


Those who worked with the Netherlands are prioritised, also valuable for those who have engaged in EU-funded human rights activities in Afghanistan. This will include families, as well as families of those who have been evacuated to the Netherlands.

Dutch expected to include female journalists and humanitarians soon, due to a parliamentary vote. Details forthcoming.

Dutch are now stating that they cannot guarantee evacuation of anyone, including citizens.

Note: EU state they have completed evacuation of EU employed staff that they intend on removing.

+31 247 247 247


Will support those covered by the 2013 Interpreters Act. This includes those who assisted the Danish effort in Afghanistan and who are directly menaced or imperiled as a result of having assisted the Danish effort. Will include immediate family, the local employee's spouse / cohabitant and unmarried children under the age of 18, as well as anyone you are responsible for e.g. a more distant disabled family member.

Danish Embassy in Islamabad (

Danish Military for Interpreter Requests (


Afghan citizens or residents who worked with the Belgian military, embassy or related missions: formally, through contractors or as formally, through contractors or as ‘fixers’ may be considered for humanitarian visas.

+92 51 265 41 01

+92 51 265 41 02

+92 51 265 41 03

+92 51 265 41 04

+92 300 855 02 27


Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Swedish Armed Forces or Swedish Embassy. Add your resume

‘Contact 2021’ in the subject line to the following email address:


Employed by the Finnish government, EU institutions, or NATO, can be admitted to Finland, including their families, which are considered the members of the family and adult unmarried children living in the same household.

Capped at 220 lead applicants.

Czech Republic

Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic or affiliated entities, including interpreters and their families.


Family reunification for those within the nuclear family of a Swiss residence permit. This includes only spouses and children under the age of 18.

Parents and grandparents if they can support themselves financially.

You must only have been apart for a maximum of five years.

Family reunification for third-country nationals with a C settlement permit, who can bring spouses/registered partners and children aged under 18.

Reunification for third-country nationals with a B or L residence permit. There is no automatic right to join family members. Each case will be considered independently.

Refugees granted a B or C permit can be joined by family members immediately: contact the embassies to arrange.

+998 78 120 67 38 (Tashkent)

+998 78 120 67 39 (Tashkent)

+92 51 209 88 00 (Islamabad)

+41 58 464 18 81 (Islamabad)

+41 58 464 18 82 (Islamabad)

+41 58 4 64 18 24 (Tehran)

+98 21 22 00 83 33 (Tehran)


Turkey is processing expedited visas and providing consular services for those of Turkish origin or ancestry, who would ordinarily be able to apply.

+93 79 782 82 83 (Kabul)

+93 20 210 15 81 (Kabul)

+93 20 210 15 79 (Kabul)

+93 79 840 11 77 (Mazar)

+93 79 182 79 76 (Herat)

Note: Number frequently unavailable

+90 312 292 2929 (MOFA Call Centre)


Those who are of Indian heritage, nationality or hold citizenship; as well as Shi’a and other minorities including Hazara, Hindus and Sikhs who face increased risk from Taliban. Afghan applicants are currently having their visa requests expedited

+91 97 17 78 5379

+91 11 49 01 6783

+91 11 49 01 6784

+91 11 49 01 6785

WhatsApp number: +91-8010611290

WhatsApp number: +91-9599321199

WhatsApp number: +91-7042049944

NGO assistance for Sikhs and Hindus, coordinating with Indian Govt:

+91 98107 90373


Entry via third countries remains possible; with some limited border flow anticipated to be available: only to those who would normally be eligible for an Uzbek visa. Processes are delayed. Ethnic Uzbeks encouraged to apply., (+93) 20-250-04-31 (Kabul)

(+93) 50 200-27-13 (Mazar)

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