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Campaign to open the borders for Afghan women and children fleeing the Taliban!

Afghanistan is at the edge of a human catastrophe. As the Taliban strike for power in Afghanistan, armed forces with the United States and its allies are escaping from Afghanistan, leaving defenseless people at the mercy of Taliban. Desperate people are fleeing to Kabul for their safety. People are not only living in fear of their lives but also must sustain the necessities of life such as food and water. They have been forced to sleep on the streets of Kabul, all the while hoping for humanity to rescue them.

This inhumane situation was created by Western countries, under the leadership of the USA and the extremist Islamic movement and their Taliban puppets. Global support is urgently needed to open the borders for Afghan women and children. We call on the millions of freedom-loving, egalitarian, and secular people around the world to act quickly on the practical and widespread support of the Afghan people.

The USA and the ethnic, and corrupt government of Afghanistan had more than two decades of opportunities to root out the Taliban. On the one hand, by maintaining a religious and ethnic government, they perpetuated and imposed widespread poverty and misery on millions of people. On the other hand, by appeasing and recognizing the Taliban as well as negotiating with these savages, they created the conditions for the Taliban to re-emerge, and with their "strong support” from the government of Pakistan and the ruling sheikhs and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban were once again able to play a key role in creating this great humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century. What the world is witnessing for the past two weeks, is the formation of another Rwanda and Kasur in Pakistan that has neither ethnic and racial colour nor, as the United Nations, claims a civil war.

This time the world is witnessing a reactionary religious movement that is sponsored by Western governments, the Taliban, ISIS and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This movement supports misogynism and the cruel treatment of children as well as oppressing millions of people who suffered injustices for decades. It has been a week that the world is witnessing a huge wave of desperate people fleeing the Taliban savagery. Parents desperately try to save their young children, especially daughters, who have been targeted by the Taliban for their sexual desire, some being as young as 11 years old.

While the armed forces of the USA and its allies are rushing out to safety, they leave behind many to be slaughtered. That is nothing more than turning their backs on the Afghan people and continuing their policy of compromise with the Taliban. These are all signs of the human catastrophe that is unfolding before us.

Taliban must be brought to their knees by armed forces. The job that the American army and its allies failed to do so for the past two decades, was not because they were not able to do so, but because they needed these Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. People of Afghanistan must learn from Kobani. Kobani is a very small town in Syria in which women took the lead in fighting ISIS. In Daughters of Kobani they showed a need to form a liberation army in which men and women equally participated. Afghanistan must organize a stronghold of resistance against Taliban in every town and village.

Meanwhile the world, freedom-loving people, defenders of women's and children's rights, workers and their organizations, secularists, and millions of Afghan immigrants, have heavy responsibilities towards the people of Afghanistan. The world needs to cut off all financial, military, and logistical support to the Taliban and from all pro-Taliban states, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China. These governments should be widely exposed and even forced by international organizations to exclude them from their assemblies.

History has left valuable examples of international support and the practical involvement of foreign combat forces in supporting the struggles of people of a given country against reactionary and fascist forces at critical junctures that can be learned from.

We need to put pressure on Western countries to quickly open their borders for Afghan women and children and relocate them to a safe country; not to Iran which is under an Islamic state or Pakistan where Taliban receives all their support through that government.

Funds and sponsorship groups can be set up in the West to save families from now on.

Humanity could prevent a major humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan if acted upon today.

Please join this campaign to put additional pressure on the Western governments to open their borders for Afghan women and children.

Campaign Coordinator

Homa Arjomand,


Homa Arjomand


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