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The genocide of the Palestinian people must be stopped!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

he genocide of the Palestinian people must be stopped! The brutal killing of the defenseless people of Israel by Hamas on October 7 has added a new stain to the history of cruelty of the Islamic movement led by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The antihuman terrorist move on October 7 gave a new excuse to the racist and far right-wing government of Israel to start a new round of brutal killing of the Palestinian people living in Gaza. So far, more than ten thousand people, including over four thousand children, have lost their lives. The apartheid regime of Israel has carried out a massive genocide by cutting off water and electricity, supplies and fuel, and then with a simultaneous invasion by land, air and sea. This act of state terrorism is being backed politically, financially and militarily by the Western governments led by the USA. Which means they too are contributing to these war crimes. Gaza is in ruins. There are helpless and injured people, among them children with fear and terror in their eyes. This is nothing but an obvious genocide. The International Campaign to ClosedownIranian Embassies stress the following demands: This genocide must end unconditionally. - An immediate ceasefire should be established. -Gaza's water, electricity and fuel should be supplied as soon as possible. - Medical centers and hospitals should be restored and opened as soon as possible. -Displaced and homeless people should be resettled as soon as possible and those who want asylum should be transferred to safe countries as soon as possible. Food and health supplies for the people of Gaza should be provided and children should receive special care. -The forced migration of the people of Gaza must be stopped, - UN forces should be stationed in Gaza until the conditions for the formation of a people's governing body is established. -Existing restrictions against the arrival of humanitarian aid should be stopped. - The perpetrators of Hamas that killed civilians, and war criminals should be identified and tried in international courts. - Supporters of Islamic terrorists and Hamas, and above all the Islamic Republic of Iran should be isolated as much as possible and expelled from all international organizations and their embassies should be closed. - The plan of sustainable peace and two independent governments should be pursued and implemented once again. Homa Arjomand Coordinator of the International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies November 6/ 2023

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