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Tomaj's execution must be prevented, with all our power.

Updated: Apr 30


Dear friends, freedom seekers and fighters for justice 

Toomaj Salehi is a well-known hip hop artist. His lyrics oppose injustice, repression, and poverty. He became a militant figure of resistance during the uprising of the “women, life, freedom movement”. He was arrested on three separate occasions and kept in solitary confinement. He was tortured numerous times and had his bones broken. After each arrest he was released from jail on bail all due to the pressures from demonstrators. 

The life of Tomaj Salehi, the artist and singer of the oppressed people in Iran, the voice of child labours, is in danger. He has been sentenced to death by the Islamic regime. Tomaj's execution must be prevented, with all our power. We call on all freedom seekers and fighters for justice to protest, both in Iran and all over the world, to prevent this tyrannical sentence.  Toomaj must be released unconditionally along with all other political prisoners. Humanity must put an end to executions not only in Iran but globally. As everyone is aware Islamic regime of Iran and apartheid regime of Israel, with support of the USA and its allies, have created a war atmosphere both in Iran and the region. They all have their own agenda. 

(The people of the world know that the American government, the government of Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the movement of political Islam are the parties involved in this conflict.) This political controversy has over time expanded to militarization, which has caused instability and crisis in the region. As everyone is aware, the government of Israel is inciting war to cover up its acute government crisis and to divert the minds of humanitarian and justice seeking people from genocide and destruction in Gaza. They also seek to strengthen and regain the collapsing support of the western governments. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s agenda is to intensify mass arrest of disobedient women who removed their hijabs in public, crackdown on student activists, repress and silence workers’ activists, and execute political prisoners. 


The widespread of arrests, torture, slaughter, and mass grave burials of these two governments’ opponents, must be resisted globally. There must be an end to genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. Humanity can and must put an end to state and non -state terrorism. This is the goal for those of us who fight for people’s equality, for their rights and dignity. 

The leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran and Israeli government must be arrested and charged for war crimes and crimes against humanity. 


The genocide in Gaza is being unfold before our eyes. More than thirty-four thousand of innocent victims, over thirteen thousand of Palestinian children killed by bombs and missiles. There is a lack of water, food, medicine, and sanitation due to Israeli forces. Gaza has been bombed to the ground. Over two million Palestinians have nowhere to go or even camp. It is the duty of humanity to put an end to this genocide now. Not only for the Palestinian people to survive and have rights to prosperity but also to prevent the world from falling backwards.


Unfortunately, The Political, the cultural, and moral face of the world have already changed. So far, the world has witnessed some signs such as restrictions on freedom of expression (conscience and religion; thought, belief, opinion, assembly, and association) the expansion national chauvinism, the growth of racism, religious prejudice, colonial mentality, and superpower military interventionism.


we urge all human rights organisations, trade unions and freedom loving people to :

·       condemn the Islamic regime of Iran! 

·       call for unconditional release of Toomsj Salehi 

·       Free all political prisoners 

Homa Arjomand

April 27/ 2024


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