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Update from Campaign open borders for Afghan women and Children fleeing Taliban!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Our aim is to put pressure on all the Western governments to open their borders for women and children fleeing Taliban. we are requesting all the European governments and the North America to accept all women and children who somehow managed to reach to their embassies. We further requesting to immediately transfer them to a safe country.

We have active members internationally, in England, Germany, Swidden, France, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Canada and US.

Who are we?

We are all defenders of humanity, have compassion for equalities for stressed, misplaced, and living at the edge of insecurity. We are the voice of Afghan women and children.

What do we do?

-requests the Western governments to adopt an easier way to let Afghan women and their family in. The system that all governments adopted are way complicated and prolongs the placements; Especially for the ones who had to leave their homes due to fear of the Taliban without any legal documents. As if they are pushed to dead.

-individually through their supports assisting them to file for refugees either through the United Nation or directly through the embassies of the above countries,

-find a direct supporter for the ones who have none eg organizations, individuals, or a group

-connect them to their supporters.

-be connected until they reach to a safe country.

Homa Arjomand

Campaign coordinator

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