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White Carnations Festival -In Commemoration of Fadime Shahindal, Victim of Honour killings

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Report on “White Carnations Festival” in commemoration of Fadima Shahindale and the conference on globalization of political Islam and its relation to honour killing

White Carnations Festival has been initiated by Parvin Kaboly for the past four years to commemorate Fadima Shahindale a victim of honour killing in Sweden.

Fadima was a well –known figure in Sweden for opposing honour killing. She became a victim of honour killing on JANUARY 22, 2002 by her father.

The aim of this Festival is to mobilize women’s movement against the back ward culture and to challenge government in Sweden towards integration and total separation of religion from state and education.

The theme of this year festival was banning Religious schools and prohibiting veils on children under the age of 16. This year festival started on January 16, 2006 in Gutenberg and lasted a week.

On January 19, 2006, the conference on globalization of political Islam and its relation to honour killing which was part of this festival was held in the famous museum in Gutenberg. At the place of conference Photo gallery and information on women and children’s rights was available in several languages.

at press conference Homa Arjomand was interviewed by GP Gotebors Posten Newspaper, Sverigos radio, City local paper and SVT Rapport Swedish National Television.

Speakers at the Gutenberg conference were: Parvin Kaboly coordinator of the International Campaign in Defence of Women’s Rights in Iran Homa Arjomand the coordinator of the International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada and chair person of children first Now, Ziyar Adami editorial of Gringo Newspaper.

The representatives of following organizations attended panel discussion. Left party, social Christian party, Green party, Feminism creation and White Carnations Festival.

On Saturday January 21,06 similar conference was held in Stockholm. Speakers in this conference were. Azar Majedi the founder of organization called Women’s liberation in Iran, Mina Ahadi the chair person of the committee against stoning to death, Mahin Alipoor in charge of campaign in Defence of Women’s rights in Iran Shahnaz a writer from Iran and member of NGO, Violet Dalgran coordinator of Women’s committee in suburb and Homa Arjomand .

The speakers talked about the suppressive nature of Political Islam in women and Children’s lives with special focus on honour killings. There was a heated debate from the floor regarding the role of religion and culture in violence against women. The conference welcomed a resolution which was read out.

A panel discussion was held in the afternoon and following people participated in this panel. Afsaneh Vahdat social worker and journalist, Arhe Hamedanca in charge of honour killing research. Ida Lindqvist journalist, Inger Stark from left party, Amine kakavand and kimia Pazoki coordinator of IFIR in Sweden.


1- Banning of religious schools.

2- Banning of the veil for under aged girls.

3- Stop financial help to religious organizations and movements.

4- Financial and moral support of secular organizations and those defending women’s rights and children’s rights.

5- Providing appropriate facilities to help girls and women who flee their homes. Financial and moral support should be provided.

6- Defending the international movement against gender apartheid.

Homa Arjomand’s interview with GP Goteborg

National television in Sweden reported Mina Ahadi and Homa Arjomand speech.

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