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We believe the rights of the child must take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political, ideological, and religious consideration or interest. The rights of the child are universal. To guarantee the well-being of any child, regardless of his/her family condition, is the responsibility of the society.

We are for one secular school system for all children. 

It makes schools religiously neutral.

This is an essential step towards integration.

Secular school system will create a very positive equal atmosphere to treat all children equally without any discrimination.

It brings students together right from childhood for better and progressive social and cultural norm.

It will assist children to develop scientific thinking and reasoning skills. That promotes children at very young age to ask questions, conduct investigations, collect data, and search for answers. The aim is for all children to get involved in progress of science not just to be consumers of science.

Homa Arjomand press conference on One Secular School System

 The International Campaign For One Secular School System will be holding a press conference at Parliament Hill in response to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s new ‘Catholic values only’ fundraising rule.

The publicly funded Halton Catholic District School Board, which oversees 33,000 students in 46 elementary, 9 secondary and 4 continuing education facilities, passed a resolution to ban fundraising for charities that run counter to Catholic values. Under this ban, its schools will no longer be able to raise money for groups that directly or indirectly support abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia or embryonic stem cell research.

This means their students will have to dissociate from charities such as the Red Cross, the Canadian Cancer Society, all hospitals including Sick Kids Hospital, the Terry Fox Foundation, all universities, all science centres and other organisations.

“It is clear that in Canada more validation has been given to ethnicity, religion and culture due to multiculturalism and cultural relativism, rather than universalism and secularism resulting in the segregation of society based on individuals’ ethnicity and religion. This division has caused serious damage in Canada. “The Catholic Board’s decision will mean that students’ human rights will be denied by the imposition of religious dogma.” stated Homa Arjomand.

“The Halton Catholic District Board of Education’s decision should be everyone’s concern.”

“If we do not take this decision seriously, students will be denied their fundamental freedom of conscience and limit their freedom of expression. Religious privilege will prevail over human rights, equality, liberty and the universal rights of children. We should not compromise the general principal for individual and civil rights. We encourage everyone to speak out and stand up for the students’ fundamental freedoms.”

“It is the duty of the government to protect universal rights of children; no one has the right to segregate children and place them under religious dogmas, traditions and habits; No one has right to prohibit children from participating in any fundraising for improving the life and standard of living of all global citizens.”

“We declare that all forms of intimidation aiming to suppress freedom of expression and freedom of religion and conscience should be forbidden. It is our duty to not allow any restriction towards freedom of expression. We stand firm to not only tear down the resolution of the publicly funded Halton Catholic District Board of Education but also propose for all school districts in Canada: Public Funds for Public Schools!…secular Public Schools, which respect human rights.”

“The time has never been more right than today, in the 21st century, to call for one publicly funded secular school system with French and English Boards, and no public funding for any faith-based schools.” added Homa Arjomand.

The press conference will take place at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada, on Thursday April 12, 2018, at 12-1:00 PM.

Canada: Statement by Homa Arjomand against religious schools in the public system

  • "We declare that the rights of the child should take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political, ideological, and religious consideration or interest..."

  • A press statement released by Opposition Leader John Tory on 24 July 2007 stated, "Taxpayers should fund Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and other faith-based schools just like public and Catholic ones."

  • "Tory and his party have started a dangerous game, we, all concerned citizen and progressive forces will defeat John Tory as we did it in the struggle against faith based arbitration" said Ms. Arjomand.

  • Homa Arjomand, Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada along with other activists, called a press conference to demand one secular public school system on 30 July 2007 in Toronto. Dr. Robert Buckman, Mahmoud Ahmadi, Elka Enola, Tarek Fateh, Justin Trottier, Gail McCabe, and Homa Arjomand were some of the featured speakers.

  • About the Campaign

  • Homa Arjomand is the Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada and chairperson of Cultural Bridges Association. She started her campaign in Toronto in October 2003 with a handful of supporters, and today it has grown to a coalition of 87 organizations from 14 countries with over a thousand activists. In February 2006, the Ontario Government passed legislation which ended the use of religious laws for family arbitration. Since then, the Campaign has focused its efforts on stopping political Islam globally.

  • Homa is now Coordinator of a campaign called "No to Political Islam" and is a human rights activist she was forced to flee Iran in 1989.

  • Media Contact: Ms. Homa Arjomand: +1-416-737-9500

  • Email:

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