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Another attempt of Islamists' movement was defeated!

Another attempt of Islamists' movement was defeated!

The Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada, right from beginning announced that the move for establishing sharia court in Canada by Islamists is a universal attempt.

We informed the public by emphasizing on the fact that this move is making some progress because of all the help and great source of financial support, receiving from governments and parties on power. We also called on concern individuals and progressive organizations to join a progressive force to prevent it from growing. We let public know that under the name of “Religious freedoms” and with the help of defenders of multiculturalism the initiators of this move are trying to persuade its repressive measures against women and children. And if we let “Sharia Court” happen in Ontario, it won’t take much time before we notice its appearance in not only in all other provinces in Canada but also outside of Canada.

To days head line news once again proved the universal move of Islamists, cross the Ocean in Australia. And a victory for us and secular movement.

Homa Arjomand

April 5,2005


Muslim leaders' divorce proposal

By SUE DUNLEVY Political Reporter

April 5, 2005

MUSLIM leaders want to set up a separate Islamic court in Australia to deal specifically with Islamic divorces.

The radical idea was raised by Muslim leaders in a meeting with Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister Peter McGauran last week.

But Mr McGauran and Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock yesterday rejected the idea.

"The law in this country is secular. There's a clear separation between religion and the law and Australia's laws apply equally to all citizens, regardless of their religion," Mr McGauran said.

A spokeswoman for Mr Ruddock added: "It would not be appropriate for the Government to establish a separate religious court."

But the Government said it was sensitive to problems experienced by Muslims, particularly those with dual citizenship who seek a divorce.

Muslim Women's National Network spokeswoman Jamila Hussain said a divorce was only recognised under Islamic law when the husband says "I divorce you".

A Muslim woman may obtain a civil divorce under Australian law but she cannot remarry if her husband refuses to grant her a religious divorce.

In Muslim countries, a disputed break-up is settled by a special sharia court.

But these don't exist in Australia and citizens who want to remarry must travel overseas to get a judgment.

The major problem is some Muslim countries don't recognise Australia's civil divorces.

Mr McGauran suggests the Government should ask foreign governments such as Lebanon to recognise Australian Family Court divorces.

Spokesman for Australia's Lebanese community, Keysar Trad, said this was an acceptable solution.

"We're looking for a solution to make life easier for Australian citizens," he said.

"You lose the ability to register subsequent marriages and that means any new child will not be registered as legitimate," he said.

Ms Hussain said a Jewish court called the Bethdin sat in Melbourne to solve marriage disputes but it did not have the power to grant a divorce.

Canada is talking about setting up a sharia court and Malaysia had a complete Islamic law system operating, she said.

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