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Endorcement of the conference statement

Updated: May 12

for statement please check this video

The statement issued by the conference “Genocide in Gaza, Where Does the Women’s Rights Movement Stand?” has been received warmly and positively by many progressive and leftist activists and organisations. We are most grateful for this response and hope to gather more support in our campaign to reach our demands.  

This is the list of those who endorsed our statement up to now. The list is growing. We hope to grow and become stronger in our struggle to support people of Gaza, the Palestinians and their cause and condemnation of Israel and its allies.

Endorsed by following organizations and individuals.

·      Amal Khreishe- General Director of the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development since 1995.

Through PWWSD Amal has led  many campaigns to advance Women’s roles and rights in society, including the first program in Palestine focus on ending violence against women-Jordan, Egypt

·      Tomador Meihuizen, Netherland 

President of Arab- Dutch Women Organization- Hague-Netherlands born in Syria 

·      Kashiefa Achmat


Housing Assembly South Africa -Cape Town

They social movement of people representing over 20 different communities in the Western Cape, South Africa

·      Suzanne Daou, 

a journalist specializing in environmental and gender topics and Media advisor-translator- Lebanon.

· Campaign to Open borders for Afghan Women and Children Feeling the Taliban!

 As the Taliban strike for power in Afghanistan, armed forces with the      

United States and its allies are escaping from Afghanistan, leaving defenceless people at the mercy of Taliban.                                                                                                               

·      Maria Sookias

Women’s rights activist -London

Middle Eastern Women and Society Organization


·      Linanan Lebanon

(Assisting victims of domestic violence, forced marriage, FGM,and women affected by honour killings.

 women to rebuild their lives and integrate into the wider society

·      Debbie Humphry Open University,

Research Fellow Open University & Oxford Brookes University - London, England

·      Lilette Benavad-Cherif

Algerian Women’s Rights activist, from Constantine-Algeria     


·     Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisations 

a women's charity run by and for women from ethnic minority communities.

Most of the communities we serve are from Middle Eastern, North African, and Asian.


Closing the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the beginning of the end of this heinous state and its crimes against the people of Iran. It is also a big step to prevent this regime sustaining terrorism worldwide.

·      Majed production

has over 66000 follows, Professional video production for YouTube, Web or TV. Directing.

·      Asmaa Alatawna activist- Palestinian writer. Gaza. Palestinian militant films archival. Cinémathèque de Toulouse. 

“A long Walk from Gaza” and blogger

·      Buthina Canaan Khoury - Independent Palestinian Filmmaker

She established Majd Production Company in Ramallah in 2000 in Ramallah city, objective is to produce documentaries about various crucial Palestinian issues, focusing on women's social and political problems.

"We declare that the rights of the child should take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political, ideological, and religious consideration or interest; Complete separation of religion from education; the State is obliged to ensure a uniform school system for all”

·      Khedija Arfaoui -Tunisian, Professor at Ministère de l'enseignement supérieur. 

Khedija ArfaouiFreelance feminist researcher. WOMEN ON THE MOVE FOR GENDER EQUALITY. IN THE MAGHREB. -lives in La Marsa from Sousse-Tunisia

·      Ghada Zeidan Gender and Development expert

and Advocate for Palestinian Rights-UK

·      Zohra Belghiti-Free-lance

writer, poet, human rights and women rights activists, a community organizer and volunteer with the Palestinian Women from Belgium and Luxembourg

·      Organization for Women’s Liberation

Women’s Liberation Organization is a political and social organization that fights for women’s rights. This organization was founded on December 14,2002, in response to the growth of the women’s movement in Iran to achieve equality and freedom.

·      Radio Avaye Zan- Sydney, Australia

Avaye Zan, gives voice to lives of the Farsi speaking women.

Avaye Zan supports the struggle of women for freedom, equality and justice.

·      Irmgard Emmelhainz -Independent scholar, researcher and writer,

 from Anahuac Valley (Mexico City

Her work about film, the Palestine Question, art, culture, and neoliberalism has been translated to Portuguese, Persian, Korean, Chinese, German, Italian, Norwegian, French, English, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and Serbian. 

·      APEL-Égalité, association féministe en France est

signataire de la Déclaration de la conférence Génocide à Gaza, quelle position du mouvement des droits de la femme?

·      Guilene Marco chair of Middle Estern Women and Society Organization MEWSO- from Lebanon

·      Evelyne Accad is a Lebanese American Professor Emerita in French Comparative Literature

 at the University of Illinois 

·      Dr.Grace Khoury, professor of Management at Birzeit University-West Bank-Palestine

She is an author, co-author, and editor of a number of books and journal articles and a member of the editorial board of The Learning Organization Journal- Emerald

·      Rami Zahi Khoury- Chair to promote Entrepreneurship 

as well as social science and humanity at Birzeit University-West Bank


·      Dr. Tomador Hassoun Meihuizen was born in Syria from Netherlands

founder and President at Arab Dutch Women Circle.

The Arab Dutch Women's Circle is a human rights organization established in 2002. professor, researcher in the field of women's and children's rights and as editor-in-chief of a woman's magazine (Hajes). 

·      Jalil Behroozy

-Worker activist and active member of "Campaign to Open borders for Afghan Women and Children Feeling the Taliban" -from Toronto - Iran

·      Lilette Benayad chérif 

Women’s Rights activist, from Constantine-Algeria     

·      Khedija Arfaoui

 Tunisian Women’s rights activist

·      Nicole Surprenant


·      Haideh Daragahi

Women’s rights activist, pervious representatives of Women’s Network, pervious professor of English literature and Maryland-Sweden

·      Mahin Alipour

active member of the International Campaign against Sharia court in Canada and Campaign stop execution, a women’s right activist, -Sweden.

·      Sousan Lari

active member of Organisation for Women’s Liberation-UK

·      Taybeh Ramallah

Activist from Palestine 

·      Janine Sinno Janoudi

activist -Palestine

·      Mitra Mahmoudi

Political activist, feminist-Australia and host of Radio Avaye Zan- Sydney, Australia

·      Suzanne Said Daou 

a journalist specializing in environmental and gender topics.

·      Milad Rabei,

Cader of Worker communist Party of Iran

Freedom, equality, prosperity, and justice for all- Gothenburg-Iran

·      Saman Aras-concern

global citizen -against any crime of any kind by anyone, group, government for any reason-Sweden-Iran

·      Dlawar Munzir

pollical activist Melbourne Australia -Kurdistan-Iraq

·      Shohreh Ghanbary

political activist and movement for justice -Vancouver -Canada

·      Parvin Ashrafi

Socialist, Women’s rights activist from Vancouver- Canada

·      Saffar SaAed

writer and translator from Vancouver- Canada

·      Mohammad Safavi

workers’ activist from Vancouver Canada /Iran

·      Koosha Shayan

communist labor activist from Toronto-Canada

·      Maria Sookias

Women’s rights activist -London

·      Satar Rahmani

Workers’ activists- London from Iran

·      Morteza Afshari

workers’activist from Vancouver-Canada

·      Camillia Odeh

activist, USA-Palestine

·      Anahita Rahmani

political activist and former political prisoner Iran -Canada

·      Sardar Abdullak Hama

spokesperson of the Kurdish-worker Communist Part of Iraq -Toronto-Canada

·      Suzanne Maely

Jordanian International Lawyer and labor lawyer -New-York

·      Ashraf Baheer

 Secular activist-German from Afghanistan

·      Siavash Daneshvar

 an activist of socialist movement -Sweden from Iran

·      Dordaneh Beige

Women’s rights activist Toronto from Iran

·      Moha Nerghrassi

Women’s rights activist -Morocco

·      Aman Zanoon

from Middle Easter Women & society Organization MEWSO -UK

·      Shiva Mahbobi

Psychotherapist, Campaigner and Women’s rights activist-UK from Iran

·      Janine Sinno Janoudi

activist for Free Palestine

·      Yasmin Rehman,

Feminist Human rights activist

·      Rima Nazzal

women’s rights activist  Ramallah-Palestine

·      Afshin Moradi

political activist-Canada from Iran

·      Myriem Cherti

women’s rights activist-London

·      Parvin Kaboly

Socialist and women’s rights ’activist

·      Fatmeh Kassem

activist-lives in USA from Palestine

·      Islah jad

activists from  Ramallah-Palestine

·      Omar Karimi

political activist, from Canada from Sanandaj- Iran

·      Malaka Izzati Azati

women’s rights activist -Oslo Norway from Sana

·      Babak Aza

workers' activist-Canada-Iran

·      Hassan Pooya

social activist-Toronto-Canada

·      Amal Threishe

General Director of the Palestinian Working Women Society for Development from Jorden-Egypt

·      Arash Kamanger

political activist and Media activist-Canada

·      Yaver Atemadi

political and Media activist -Norway

·      Ghafar Gholamveysi

political activist-Iran

·      Taybeh activist

Ramallah- Palestine 

·      Saeed Arman

Socialist political activist-UK from Iran

·      Said Yeganeh

political activist, socialist- Iran


·      Malaka Izzati

Bureau Member of Worker – Communist Party -Hekmatist

·      Naser Moradi

Iran -Member of the Central  Committee of Worker-Communist Party-Hekmatist

·      Jalal Mahmoudzaheh

Member of Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist -Germany-Iran

·      Sakar Ahmadian

Political activist-Iran

·      Fakhri Javaheri

Worker’s and Women’s rights activist-Toronto-Iran

·      Rahman Husien zade

Bureau Member of Worker – Communist Party -Hekmatist from Sweden-Iran

·      Zari Asli

Political and women’s rights activist -Canada-Iran

·      Hashem Saeedy

Political activist Vancouver -Canada

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