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Let's join the powerful ranks of university students and young people in America against the genocide in Gaza and the spread of war in the Middle East!


The international movement for freedom and justice has not stopped defending the human rights of Palestinians, since the beginning of the attack of the Israeli war machine on the defenceless people of Gaza. Today, students in America, with their widespread participation are at the forefront of this international demonstration. They opened a new arena against the racist government of Israel and its allies, led by the US terrorist government. They also showed their opposition to warmongering and imposing widespread destruction on the entire Middle East.


 Students of more than 40 universities and educational institutions in the United States, led by Columbia University and the oppressive reaction of the government exposed the true face of US democracy. The student movement for defence of Palestinians, condemnation of genocide and demanding the halt of arms sale to Israel has spread throughout the US and gaining momentum in Canada and Europe. This great movement has sent shockwaves through the ruling class; A movement that is being compared to the Vietnam War protest movement, described by some as revolutionary.


The government and the mainstream media are trying to smear the protestors as “anti-Semite”; a fabricated concept used to shut any voice in defence of justice for Palestinians and in condemnation of Israeli genocide and occupation. This movement is spreading with great strength and exposing even further the rotten democracy of the US government, and its president who is now known as "Joe Genocide" because of his unconditional support of the genocide in Gaza. 


Police and anti -riot forces were unleashed to brutally attack and arrest the students with the hope that by beating and arresting the leaders of this movement, the state can put an end to the anti-genocide and anti-war movement.


But the wave of this powerful movement does not stand still and has spread to Canada and Europe. This is particularly evident in France where hundreds of professors, researchers and university administrative staff have joined the protesting students. 


Here, we ask all freedom and justice-loving people around the world to join the movement of progressive humanity and the students in America, to end the genocide of the people of Gaza and all the efforts that are being made to incite war in the Middle East.


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