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Speech of Azar Majedi at the conference "Genocide in Gaza where the women's right movement stand?"

Condemn Genocide! Defend People of Palestine

In solidarity with people of Palestine

Speech at the conference: Genocide in Gaza, where does the women’s rights movement stand?

Azar Majedi

We live in a horrible time. Humanity for the first time in the history, as the Irish lawyer Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh so vividly put it, is witnessing genocide on their screen in real time, filmed by the victims. This is the world we live in. And the world is calling all of usto take action, to break the silence, to stand with the victims and to strongly condemn the perpetrator.

169 days and nights of slaughter, torture and starvation; 33000 people are known to be dead, including 13000 children; many unaccounted for. Total destruction of homes, cities, schools, universities and hospitals; Israeli army attacked Al Shifa hospital, thebiggest healthcare centre in Gaza in the past few days, destroying it, killing, torturing, executing many. 

Despite all propaganda and lies, regardless of what narrative of the 7the October we believe in, this war did not start on the 7th of October. It started 75 years ago. That’s why they called it the 2nd Nakba.

 By now everyone must have realised that this is not only Israel’s war, but Israel, US and the West’s war against the Palestinians and to further destroy the region. Without the US support, Israel cannot continue the war for a single day.  And there’s still no end to this slaughter and destruction. The war seems to be expanding in the region. All the governments in the region are complicit in this genocide. The half backed rhetoric of the Regional governments in so-called calls for ceasefire is just a face saving measureagainst the population of their countries. The show of king of Jordan throwing aid from a plane! What a farce. Hollywood has infected everyone!

We’re living in a dreadful situation. Right wing policies are rapidly on the rise, Western governments are crushing freedom of speech and the right to express opposition 

It is a dark time, but we can also see the light. The light of humanity, compassion and justice. Millions have taken to the streets around the world with solidarity and love for the people of Palestine and anger and rage against Israel, the US and Western governments. This is what gives life a meaning. As Refaat Alareer, the Palestinian poet so meaningfully said in his historic poem before his death: 

“If I must die  

let it bring hope  

 let it be a tale.”


And this tragic humanitarian disaster has led to a great international movement that has brought hope. It has brought awareness, like never before. It has shredded the masks of propaganda, lies and hypocrisy. People’s eyes have been opened up to the truth. They are taking action. Let it bring justice. Let it bring freedom, let it bring equality, Let it make history.


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