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Statement from Homa Arjomand on Quebec ban on religion symbols-Bill 21

Quebec ban on religion symbols is a very positive move towards equal treatment of all residents without any discrimination base on religion. It will make government religiously neutral. It will for sure bring people together for better and progressive social and cultural norms. this move would lay the foundation for the realization and protection of the widest individual and civil rights. It would play an important role in creating progressive improvement, in areas of political, civil and welfare rights. It would flourish this notion that all residents of Quebec have equal rights and puts a heavy duty on Quebec government to ensure these rights are not under any attack.

What can we do?

We need to pay attention to humanity irrespective of individual’s ethnicity, race, gender, and religion. And Bill 21 is the first step forwards this direction.

Humanity need to carry the flag of separation of religion from state. Bear in mind that secularism is not a weapon against freedom of religion. In fact it defends freedom of religion while ensuring that religion remains a private matter for individuals.

Our unity and support of Quebec ban on religion symbols Bill 21 will bring peace and harmony, among all residents. It will vanish any discrimination based on religion.

I am confident that soon this move of Quebec will rise in the rest of Canada.

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