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This brave couple danced in Azadi (Freedom) Square in Iran, arrested, tortured and 10Y imprisonment

رقصشان همانند از سر بر آوردن حجاب و سوزان آن و پايكوبي كردن در جمع فقط و فقط نشان گر يك انقلاب مدرن براي آزادي ازتمام قيد و بند ها و برابري كامل زن و مرد و اينكه مذهب امر انان نيست و بايد از دولت جدا شود. درود بر اين عزيزان. 👏👏👏

This brave couple danced in Azadi (Freedom dim) square to show their opposition to entire Islamic of Iran and they were arrested, tortured and charged for over 10 years imprisonment each. Their dance in public is the sam as women taking off their hijab and burning them while dancing. These actions means, people in Iran want a modern society with total freedom of expression and total separation of Islam or any other religions from state. And that religion should not have any room in public. Religion is private matter of individuals. Hats off for these brave people.

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