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Translation of head newspaper article JINHA on Conference titled Genocide in Gaza where does Women’s Rights Movement stand?

Updated: Mar 25

من منظور نسوي... مؤتمر رقمي عالمي لتسليط الضوء على الإبادة في غز�

Translation of head newspaper article JINHA on Conference titled Genocide in Gaza where does Women’s Rights Movement stand? Organized and hosted on Zoom by Homa Arjomand- coordinator of the International Campaign for One Secular School System and Azar Majedi-Organization for Women’s Liberation

By Suzan Abu Saeed

 From a feminist perspective... a global digital conference to shed light on the genocide in Gaza

A digital conference sheds light on the position and role of feminism regarding the massacres and genocide in Gaza, and the impact of the media in distorting narratives of the facts in this area, while calling for a broad campaign to stop the genocide and shooting.

In a conference via Zoom technology, female activists from the Middle East and the world drew the world’s attention to the genocide in Gaza from a feminist perspective, stressing the organization of a broad campaign to demand an end to the starvation and destruction to which civilians are exposed, affecting all the necessities of life

Activists from women's organizations and associations from the Middle East and the world called at a conference to put an end to the massacres, extermination, starvation, and systematic demolition of infrastructure in Gaza, where the head of the Algerian Feminist Movement, Souad Baba Issa, said, “Six months and seventy-five years, Israel has occupied 90% of Palestine, and the number of Israelis has reached from 250,000 in 1993 to 700,000 in 2023. Barriers separate families in an unbearable way. In Gaza, since 2007, there has been a complete siege, confiscation of land, demolition of homes, and diversion of water sources to settle Israelis. From all over the world and granting them full settlement and citizenship rights.”

She added, "For 75 years, Israel has exploited human rights completely with impunity, and has continued to silence the voices of the Palestinians and deprive them of their legitimate rights to representation. We must not forget that Hamas was created by Israel to confront the Palestinian Authority, which is considered the sole legitimate representative of the people, in accordance with what was enshrined in the The United Nations to prevent any sustainable solutions, and in 1993, after the Oslo Accords, Hamas turned against the Palestinian Authority, and between 1994 and 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected, who opposes two-state solutions like Hamas."

She added, "Over the past thirty years, the West and its countries have neglected this reality, until there was a response from the Palestinians, represented by October 7, and there were more than a thousand Israeli victims and hundreds of prisoners. In response, Israel launched a war against the residents of Gaza, without any regard for human rights." Thousands of victims occurred within a few weeks, and this war was characterized by violence and executions of women.

Israel does not respect international laws that recognize the right of residents to live on their land.”

She pointed out that “for six months, pro-Israel governments and media propaganda have been trying to obstruct international cooperation with the people of Gaza, and that the campaign that was launched against associations and organizations on charges of not condemning the rape of Israeli women and children, is nothing but a campaign to silence the voices calling for an end to the genocide and to put in place the organizations that are striving to lift "Women's voices and rights are condemned. Every soul is innocent, whether a child, a woman, or an elderly person on both sides."

For her part, Kurdish activist Hilala Taheri wondered why feminist organizations were not at the forefront of the sit-ins and protests against the war in Gaza: “There is Israeli propaganda for the rape of women by Hamas, and they did not talk about crimes against women in the Gaza Strip, especially pregnant women. These violations may affect everyone in the region.” Therefore, we must move with firm steps to cooperate with silent feminist and secular groups to encourage them to take the initiative,” noting that “only peace guarantees the right of peoples, which is what feminist organizations around the world are calling for in order to reach Resolution 1325.”

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