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In support of Charter of 20 Independent Trade Union&Civil Organization Homa Arjoman&Jalil Behroozi

In support of Charter from 20 Independent Trade Union and Civil Organization Homa Arjoman & Jalil Behroozi

Feb 16th/2023

Homa Arjomand,

Jalil Behroozi

In Support of Charter

In support of the Charter of minimum demands of independent trade unions and civil organizations of Iran!

This charter is a flag of the pioneers of the working class and revolutionary uprising in Iran. This charter can and should become the flag of the entire working class, women and youth and all the oppressed people of the residents in Iran.

This manifesto is a summary of the people's demands and slogans that have occupied the streets of Iran in unequal battle for over four months and managed to bring it to its knee not far from collapse. 
This charter can be considered as the first sets of measures for a long-term aim of grassroots organizations in Iran, which can become an axis to unify the various social movements in Iran.
This charter with its clear libertarian and egalitarian demands has also opened a new and important arena in criticizing and exposing the efforts of right-wing and monarchist currents. Their intention is to receive assistance from beneficiary countries to gain power by bypassing the people. They are also engaging with so -called reformist current that up to the recent time they were part of the repression system with one aim and that is to defeat the revolutionary uprising. 
Dear colleagues, we are aware of the limitation and difficult conditions that are enforced on your fight. We are also aware of not being able to express your radical, revolutionary demands in Iran, that is why we are asking of all the forces involved in labor movement, the women’s liberation and the students’ movements to support and widely promote the demands of this charter, and try to make this charter as your own as your own flag.
 Long live freedomHoma, long live the revolution.

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